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School Education is one of the best community service events the Balloon Program is involved in.

Every year the RE/MAX balloon travels around the Mid-States and Dixie Region, giving educational demonstrations about hot air balloons at area schools.  Because it is important for the winds to be calm, our demonstrations begin when school starts.  From a 4 foot bag, the balloon will inflate as tall at a 7 story building. Winds permitting, the faculty will receive a tethered balloon flight to approximately 25' to 50' high.  

The final portion of the presentation is educational about Hot Air Balloons.  Experience proves the younger children are not interested in this portion of the presentation, so this is generally reserved for the older students. The educational part includes a brief talk about the history of ballooning, parts of the balloon, and the dynamics of flight operation. There is a Q & A period and then the kids can help pack the balloon away. This is a fun activity for students and teachers alike. 




The balloon needs a 200' X 200' GRASSY AREA (free of ALL POWERLINES)  WE CANNOT USE THE PARKING LOT OR ANY OTHER AREA SUCH AS PAYMENT, DIRT OR GRAVEL. This could cause damage to the balloon. We must also be able to drive a couple of vehicles out onto this grassy area. You may need to provide 3-4 people and a maximum of 2 vehicles to help with the balloon event.  Please check with your pilot for the manpower required at your event. 

Always contact the local newspaper and media regarding upcoming balloon events! Time allotment is approximately 1 hour 15 minutes (depending on the size of the school)

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