Ultimate Lead Management System

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How Do I start?

What Is LeadStreet?

How Does It Work?

Manages+Organizes all leads

from re/max websites

*You can select 6 different zip codes for the same zip code 6 times to increase your weight in that area.

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LeadStreet houses a full CRM (Customer Relationship Management), drip campaigns, as well as your Listing Manager, so you can further optimize your listings. Additionally, you can create your own custom website with the LeadStreet software that syncs to your CRM.

LeadStreet uses an algorithm to determine the distribution of leads based on zip code(s) selected by the agent. Additionally, leads are generated by promoting and encouraging consumers to access your agent website to increase your own web traffic and generate more leads.  

You can learn more about LeadStreet by visiting the MAX Tech page. (maxtech.me)

Login and select the LeadStreet App. You’re there!

Questions? Reach out to Tech Assist for answers.