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What are the 3 modules and how long is the training?


Module 1: Planning – Establishing a personal office culture to promote office growth.


Module 2: Value – Discovering the office’s unique value and how to communicate it to agents

and recruits.


Module 3: Recruiting – Using scripts and developing a definitive plan for successful recruiting.

The series is delivered through one full day and one half day of training.


Brokers who complete all three modules will have access to a series of profesionally produced agent-training modules (video).which are accompanied by workbooks and powerpoint presentations that corresopond to the video to facilitate the agent training.



Who will teach the course?

Dennis Curtin and Steve Snook.  Additional staff members will be utilized on an as needed basis to maximize learning potential for different topics.



When will I receive the 13 agent training videos and workbooks?

Existing franchisees will receive access to all modules upon completion of Module 1. All modules are available to new franchisees upon the completion of 101 training.

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