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Hear from our Brokers/Owners on why they value the Momentum Program.

I can't say enough good things about the Momentum Program!  The specific training and ideas that were shared can't be received anywhere else.  The best way that I can describe the benefit is to compare it to this..... it helps to take you from shooting from a machine gun and spraying everywhere with no direction or purpose to shooting with a rifle - firing in an intentional direction and with intentional purpose.


Jackie Guillot CDPE, GRI, ABR, SFR, ePRO, SRS, SRES

Associate Broker/Owner

RE/MAX Premier Realty

Monroe, LA



Open letter to anyone considering Momentum Training:


Like many, I thought there was no available time in my life to include yet another in depth training session.  Let alone one that I had to pay for.  Was I every wrong!  From the moment it began, I was hooked.  After owning my brokerages for 5 years, I didn't realize that I was lacking and possibly stale in some areas.   This teaching takes you from defining "who you are as a broker and what do you stand for as a company" to "how to have conversations with prospective agents thinking about making a move."  "Recruiting" has never been my strong point and in fact, I just couldn't bring myself to make those calls.  After going through Module 3, it became second nature.  I've hired 4 agents since Momentum and I can guarantee you that prior to Momentum -that would not have been possible.

And, if that were not enough, the ensuing content that I have at my disposal has allowed me to bring my existing agents enough great coaching and training topics to last for years.  In fact, we have completed several of the topics in our weekly coaching sessions and one of my agents just today was saying how much of a help this has been to growing her business.

Momentum has revolutionized my thinking and the way I manage, all for the better.  If you have the opportunity to sit in on this awesome training, don't talk yourself out it!  Embrace it and make it work for you.  You cannot put a price on what the reward will be.

Pat Anderson


Prairieville, LA



Not only did I enjoy attending the Momentum Training and the interaction with fellow Brokers, I’ve found the videos and workbooks to be a most valuable asset. I’m not a natural when it comes to public speaking or presenting. Having access to these materials has given me the confidence and competence I need to conduct engaging and pertinent classes for my agents.

I’ve also benefited in my recruiting efforts. I can now boldly say that I offer a complete agent development program consisting of 13 modules covering every topic agents need to succeed. I find that agents are hungry to learn and eager to work for a broker offering them the tools for success. I recommend this program to every broker and manager seeking to increase and improve their business.


Merrie Chris Leger

RE/MAX Acadiana


Lafayette, LA



I truly believe that I will look back on my time spent in the Momentum series as a pivotal launch point in the history my company. Early on in the series I heard seasoned Broker/Owners in class say, “I wish I had been exposed to this material when I first opened my office(s).” That statement let me know that the information being shared in the program was worth my undivided attention.


Dennis, Steve & Jim did a masterful job in presenting the material. Each of them took the time to make practical application and to glean from the life experiences of each of the class participants. Having a smaller class allowed for adequate time to address the material and encourage each of us to put it to use.


The format of the class was excellent. A simple, yet powerful, foundation was laid down in the first module and then built upon in each successive class. The encouragement to “work the program” between the modules was vital to its success. The conference calls and other tools made available kept the fires burning. Each of the workbooks have continued to serve as a valuable source of useable information to grow personally and as a company. They sit on my desk as my “go to” source.


I have enjoyed having a wellspring of information to bring back to my partner and to each agent in our offices. Our company meetings have now become productive classes that outfit each agent with the tools they need to grow personally and financially. How many of you have agents in your office(s) that ask, “When are we meeting again?” I do.


I have also seen the numerical growth of our company as a direct result of the Momentum series. The recruiting tools were just what we needed to propel our efforts to new heights. This portion of the material was full of useful methods and means of growing your office.


Momentum helped in so many ways. I personally grew as a Broker/Owner.

I was able to bring the information home to benefit my business partner.

We have been able to position ourselves more profitably with an improved business plan.  I was outfitted with tools to help my agents look at their overall goals and personal business plans. I have incredible teaching material that is already reaping benefits for each of my agents.  We have been able to attract productive agents to come and work with our company. The overall atmosphere of our company has improved. The Momentum series does just that – It causes “Momentum” in every area of your company’s life.


Steve Shelton


RE/MAX Tri-State

Florence, AL


Momentum has been an awesome experience. We have done ten of the thirteen training classes and started with 16 agents at the first class and have had 20-28 agents in every class since. It is amazing to me how our agents want to learn and get better and are investing the time and energy to do so. I expect great results for 2016 and will continue to repeat the training every week until they get tired of it.


I am a 14 year veteran of real estate sales and I personally believe this is the best opportunity for our agents to "own" their business instead of continuing down the path of expensive lead generation systems dictated by the online giants that continue to grow. There is nothing easy about executing the programs that are trained, but the rewards of owning your own business and having a larger bottom line profit are well worth the work!!


Patrick Daily

Broker Owner

RE/MAX of Orange Beach  

Orange Beach, AL


If I had to describe Momentum and what it has done for Danny and I -  two words I would use would be confidence and understanding.  We have always thought a lot of the trainings we attend (although they were always good and we always received something) were geared toward large agencies and we could never quite make sense out of them.


Momentum was intense at times but we found that a small office or a large office could benefit from this program.  We are still working on putting some things into place but left the program with a much better understanding of how to run our office with confidence.  The training modules are absolutely wonderful and easy to teach and to present to our agents so that they can understand them.


We thought we understood how to fund our business but found out we did not know much at all - we were just making it through and really letting our business run us.  We are now working toward getting all elements of Momentum into place and have found a new level of confidence that we never imagined existed.


We recommend Momentum to everyone whether big or small.  The key is putting what we have learned into action.   It has really helped Danny and I to keep our focus on the important things.  It's nice to run our business and not have our business run us!!!


Vickey Ward
RE/MAX Connection
Jackson, MS



Our office has recruited 4 new agents since attending program. This was excellent program to jump start our momentum for recruiting and get our office more organized in every area from recruiting, training and planning to managing staff and agents.

 Momentum helped me in all areas of my business and I thoroughly enjoyed the time spent with my peers receiving priceless information and ideas. As a small office owner it's something I've needed for years to help me get organized and to evaluate all areas of my business.  I would highly recommend this program.


Trish Fleming


RE/MAX Southland Real Estate

McComb, MS



When we gathered for our first Momentum training I didn't quite know
what to expect but what I did know was that I was appreciative that Dennis
Curtin and his staff were interested in helping me grow my office.  I had
become the Broker/Owner a couple of years earlier and had been concentrating
on being an agent and simply finding out where my company was financially
(really just trying to decide if being a Broker/Owner was worth my time).  I
quickly decided I had a tremendous opportunity in Tuscaloosa, Alabama as a
RE/MAX owner and went about setting up a game plan.  

 November of 2014, my wife Phyllis and I attended a RE/MAX conference in
Biloxi, MS and I shared with her my goal of adding five new agents in 2015.
We went to work developing a strategy and were making some positive strides
about the time we were invited to the Momentum training.  Dennis Curtin's
training team was great with a step by step plan that broke down the process
of putting a value on your office.  But my "Aha Moment" came when, in one
session, we discussed who our clients are.  The associates are our clients.

My thought process immediately changed to determining what I could do to
draw associates to RE/MAX Premiere Group.  Momentum helped us identify the
minimum amount that would be acceptable as a profit for my company and we
had the program to determine my profit per associate based on my fixed costs
so all that was left was to hire the number of associates needed to reach my

Since the moment I decided to recruit five associates in November 2014,
twelve associates have joined our company.  We are at full capacity in our
present office and are moving into, what I consider, the most associate
friendly office in town, come December 1, 2015.  Momentum reminded us that
with the RE/MAX brand I already have all the tools needed to grow my
business if I'll use them.


Ken Olive

Co Broker/Owner

RE/MAX Premiere Group

Tuscaloosa, AL

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